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Dr. Leonard Poe
Your Broadlands Chiropractor

  • "I have known Dr. Poe for years but had never had a chiropractic visit. He had been so helpful for my daughter that I decided to try to see if he could help with my hands and neck pain. My ring finger is locking up and my thumb was burning all the time. I was unable to open water bottles and the senior years are taking a toll. On my first visit Dr. Poe touched a spot on my right arm that made me want to jump up and down. He had found the troubled area causing my pain. Dr. Poe is so much more than just a chiropractic doctor. I took in my MRI of my neck and he studied it over and developed a plan. Our goal is to keep me able to use my hands and I can tell already after about 6 visits that I am stronger and have no burning in my thumb."
  • "Chiropractic care is such an important part of my life. Being extremely active, it's normal for me to tweak muscles and need an adjustment, so I have always had a chiropractor to turn to.

    I was recently introduced to Dr. Poe, and when I threw my back out at an odd hour for business, he graciously brought me in and took an enormous amount of time with me. I can honestly say that the wealth of information that he shared with me was more than I had ever had in a chiropractic visit. He didn't simply adjust the tweak, but took time to figure out what may have caused the chain reaction of events or actions that led up to the reason that I was in the office in the first place.

    I feel empowered to have him as my chiropractor, knowing that moving forward, I have someone who will do more than just fix the obvious problem, but help me make changes to my overall fitness and lifestyle, to hopefully avoid injuries in the future."
  • "Many times standard medicine treats the symptoms, not the cause, of what is making a person sick. My family and I have been through this revolving door of standard medicine for years. The most frustrating part of this revolving door is when the doctor doesn't give us a diagnosis or find the cause of the symptoms we're experiencing. Dr. Leonard Poe has worked with every member of my family to get to the root of the problem, treating the cause and not the symptoms so we don't have to continue coming back for the same problem over and over again. We have improved our families health and decreased our reliance on medication."
  • "Finding a genuinely compassionate and caring anything these days is pretty much non-existent, and it is a blessing if you do.
    Both Erin and Dr. Poe are amazing. Erin is kind, bubbly, positive, encouraging, very supportive, and has an amazing gift of really seeing your heart. When you think you can't do it yourself she is there to push you to be your best. She is deeply knowledgable on how the body works; and is so great at explaining and working through training together with you vs. over you. There isn't a better trainer I would want by my side through my journey of reclaiming my health. She makes a great team with her husband, Dr. Poe, who is just as warm and personable. Both compassionately give of their time to work with my individual needs as a whole person. This practice has an amazing heart and I really feel valued here. Highly Recommend."

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